16th International Conference on

Mathematical Modelling

and Analysis

May 25-28, 2011, Sigulda, Latvia


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Wednesday, May 25th

11.00 - 14.00 Registration
13.00 - 14.00 Lunch break
14.00 - 14.20 Opening
Plenary talks
14.20 – 15.00 Melnik R. Mathematical Models for Low Dimensional Nanostructures: Analysis, Numerics and Control
15.00 – 15.40 Čiegis R. On Stability of Finite Difference Schemes for Parabolic Problems with Nonlocal Boundary Conditions
15.40 - 16.00 Coffee break

Section I  Hall „Sigulda”

Section II   Hall „Krimulda”

Section III   Hall „Turaida”

Mini Simposya „Parallel computation”

Mini Simposya “Mathematical models including non-local boundary conditions” I

Contributed talks I

16.00 Dementjev A., Diomin I., Slavinskis N., Čiegis R., Laukaityte I., Application of Travelling Wave Model for Numerical Analysis of  Generation Dynamics Peculiarities of Q-switched Solid-State Lasers

16.00 Štikonas A.,  Investigation of Characteristic Curve for Sturm-Liouville Problem on Torus

16.00 Polevikov V. A., Monotonic Scheme of Fourth order Approximation  for the 2D Steady-state Convection-diffusion Equation

16.20 Jankevičiūte G., Čiegis R., Dementjev A., Račkaitis K., Numerical Analysis of the Thermalization Process in Gold Films Irradiated by Femtosecond Laser Pulses by Using Parabolic and Hyperbolic Two Temperature Models

16.20 Roman S., Štikonas A.,Green’s Function for Discrete Second-order Problems with Nonlocal Boundary Conditions

16.20 Kangro  I., Vaarmann O., On Damped Gauss-Newton-type Methods for Parameter Identification

16.40 Čiegis R., Tumanova N., Parallel Fully Implicit Algorithm for Systems of Parabolic Equations

16.40 Jakubeliene K., Sapagovas M., Two-dimensional Parabolic Equation with Nonlocal Integral Boundary Conditions

16.40 Gedroics A.,Kalis H., Higher Order Finite Difference Schemes  for Periodical Boundary Conditions

17.00 Žilinskas J., Parallel Depth-first Simplicial Partition for Copositivity Detection

17.00 Štikoniene O., Sapagovas M., On Complex and Negative Eigenvalues of Difference Operator with NonlocalConditions

17.00 Kangro I., Gedroics A., Kalis H., bout Mathematical Modelling of Peats Block in 3-layed 3D Domain

17.20 Paulavičius R., Žilinskas J.,  Simplicial Lipschitzian Optimization without the Lipschitz Constant

17.20 Pečiulyte S. , Mikalauskaite S., On the One Stationary Problem with Nonlocal Boundary Condition

17.20 D’Ambrosio R., Algebraically Stable Two-Step Runge-Kutta Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations

Contributed talks II



17.40 Gudynas G., On Representation Formula for Solutions of  Hamilton - Jacobi Equation with Lower Semicontinuous Initial Data

17.40 Skučaite A., Investigation Sturm--Liouville Problems  with Integral Boundary Condition

17.40 Sapa L., Kropielnicka K., Difference Methods for Differential Functional Parabolic Equations and Estimates of Solutions

18.00 Kumar P., Comparison of the Some Algebraic Domain Decomposition Based Preconditioneres on Manycores

18.00 Skučaite-Bingele K., Investigation of Complex Eigenvalues for Stationary Problems with Two-point Nonlocal Boundary Condition

18.00 Božek B., Solak W., Szydelko Z., On Some Quadrature Rules with Laplace End Corrections

19.30 - 22.00 Welcome Party

Thursday, May 26th, morning

Plenary talks
9.00 – 9.40 Churbanov A. Simulation of Free Surface Flows Relevant to Nuclear Reactor Safety
9.40 – 10.20 Sapagovas M. The Eigenvalue Problem for Differential and Difference Operators with Nonlocal Conditions: Theory and Applications
10.20 - 10.40 Coffee break

Section I  Hall „Sigulda”

Section II   Hall „Krimulda”

Section III   Hall „Turaida”

Mini Simposya “Mathematical models including non-local boundary conditions” II

Contributed talks III

Contributed talks IV

10.40 Sergejeva N., The Existence of Solution for Some Nonlocal Problem

10.40 Grečenkovs J., Ščepanskis M., Jakovičs A., Nacke B., Coupling of EM and HD Problems for Simulation of Industrial Melting Process

10.40 Churbanova N,. Furmanov I., Trapeznikova M., Simulation of Multilane Traffic Flows Using 2D Microscopic   Models

11.00 Čiupaila R., Jasevičiute Ž, Meškauskas T., Sapagovas M., On the Stability of Difference Schemes for Parabolic Equation with Integral Conditions

11.00 Ščepanskis M., Jakovičs A., Nacke B., Baake E., Numerical Solution of Non-linear Lagrangian Equation for Inertial Particles in Turbulent Flows

11.00 Galanin M.P., Krylov M.K., Lototckii A.P., Rodin A., Mathematical Modelling of the Magnetic Compressor Operation

11.20 Jachimavičiene J., Sapagovas M.,  The Stability of the Difference Schemes for Pseudo-parabolic Equation Subject to Non-local Conditions (with Applications to Underground Water Flow)

11.20 Spitans S., Jakovičs A., Nacke B., Baake E., oupled EM and HD Numerical Calculation of Free Surface Dynamics of Melt in ICF

11.20 Trofimov V., Trykin J., About the Efficiency of Using the Rosenbrock Method for Nonlinear Optic Problem

11.40 Birgelis K., Raitums U., Strictly Convergent Algorithm for an Elliptic Equation with Nonlocal and Nonlinear Boundary Conditions

11.40 Kavitha L., Gopi D., Saravanam H., Srividya B., Propagation of Electromagnetic Soliton Governed by the Coupled Maxwell and the Landau-Lifshitz Equations

11.40 Skarydova I., Hokr M., Comparison of Different Numerical Solutions of Groundwater Inflow into a Tunnel

12.00 Sajavičius S.,  The Weighted Finite-difference Scheme for Two-dimensional Parabolic Equation with Four Nonlocal Integral Conditions

12.00 Sytova S. Details of Volume Free Electron Laser Nonlinear Dynamics

12.00 Buikis A., Piliksere A. Issues of Hyperbolic Heat Exchange Equation in Polar Coordinate System

12.20 Smirnov S.,  On Some Third Order Nonlinear Boundary Value Problems with Nonlocal Boundary Conditions

12.20 Sytov A., Simulation of High Energy Halo Particle Extraction from Accelerator Using Bent Crystal

12.20 Buikis A., Lencmane M. , Inverse Heat Transfer Problem for the Rectangular Domain

Contributed talk V



12.40 Klokov A., Zakrzhevsky M., Rare Periodic and Chaotic Attractors in Three-times Iterated Ikeda Map

12.40 Hilkevics S., Hilkevica G., Navier-Stokes Equation in Magnetic Field

12.40 Bobinska T., Buikis A., A Mathematical Model for a Norwegian Flute

13.00 - 14.00 Lunch break

Thursday, May 26th, afternoon

Plenary talks
14.00 – 14.40 Jackievicz Z. General Linear Methods with Large Regions of Absolute Stability
14.40 – 15.20 Funaro D., Kashdan E.  Simulation of interacting Electromagnetic Solitary Waves
15.20 – 16.00 Barsky M., Barsky E. On the Regularities of Critical Regimes of Two-Phase Vertical Flows
16.00 - 22.00 Excursion

Friday, May 27th,  morning

Plenary talks
9.00 – 9.40 Belovs M., Cebers A., Kalis H. Dynamics of Flexible Magnetic Microrods
9.40 – 10.20 Laurinčikas A. Approximation of Analytic Functions by Shifts of Zeta Functions
10.20 - 10.40 Coffee break

Section I  Hall „Sigulda”

Section II   Hall „Krimulda”

Section III   Hall „Turaida”

Contributed talks VI

Contributed talks VII

Mini Simposya Application of probabilistic model in approximation of analytic  functions” I

10.40. Cebers A., Kalis H., Intrinsic Curve Dynamics of Magnetic Filaments

10.40 Cardone A.,Continuous Numerical Methods for Volterra Integro-Differential Equation

10.40 Garbaliauskiene V., Limit Theorems with Increasing Modulus for Twisted L-functions of Elliptic Curves

11.00 Cepītis J., Dumbrajs O., Kalis H., Reinfelds A., Constantinescu D., Numerical Experiments of Single Mode Gyrotron Equations

11.00 Braš M., Explicit Nordsieck Methods with Quadratic Stability

11.00 Garunkstis R., Zeros of the Estermann Zeta-function

11.20 Trofimov V., Rozantsev A.,Z.Huang, H.Han, New Iterative Method for Inversion of Operators Corresponding to Conservative Finite-difference Scheme for the Multidimensional Shrodinger Equation with Complex Boundary Condition

11.20 Bartoszewsky Z., Jackiewicz Z., Explicit Nordsieck Methods

11.20 Grigutis A., Zeros of the Polylogarithm Function

11.40 Loos F., Liess H-D., Numerical Simulation of Heat Distribution in Electrical Devices

11.40 Shishkin G., Finite Difference Scheme on Adapted Locally-Uniform Grids for Singularly Perturbed Parabolic  Equations and its Stability to Perturbations  in the Data

11.40 Kačinskaite R., On Functional Independence of Dirichlet L-function and Periodic Hurwitz Zeta-function

12.00 Janavičius A., Janavičiene K. Diffusion of Quantum Waves

12.00 Shishkina L, Shishkin G., Approximation of Solutions and Derivatives to ε-uniformly Convergent Difference Schemes, Using Uniform Grids, for Singularly Perturbed Problems

12.00 Kolupayeva A., Value-distribution of Twisted L-functions of Normalized Hecke Eigen Forms



Contributed talks VIII

12.20 Janavičius A., Jurgaitis D., Kirilauskaite K., The Potential Representation Solution of the Schrodinger Equation for Bound States in Many Particles Case

12.20 Romanovas M., Klingbeil L.,Trachtler M., Manoli Y., Discretization Methods for the Variable Model Order Estimation

12.20 Oja P., Uniqueness of Approximate Solution in Spline Collocation Method for Boundary Value Problems

12.40 Janavičius A, Žilinskas K., The General Solution of the Schrodinger Equation for Bound States

12.40 Locāns U., Dementjev S., Jekabsons N., Milenkovic R. Large-eddy Simulations Using Various Subgrid Scale Models Compared with Experimental Measurements

12.40 Ideon E., Oja P. Linear/Linear Rational Spline Collocation for Boundary Value Problems

13.00 - 14.00 Lunch break

Friday, May 27th, afternoon

Plenary talks
14.00 – 14.40 Vainikko G. Cordial Volterra Integral Equations of the First Kind
14.40 – 15.20 Vabishchevich P. Splitting schemes for Hyperbolic Heat Conduction Equation
15.20 - 15.40 Coffee break

Section I Hall „Sigulda”

Section II Hall „Krimulda”

Section III Hall „Turaida”

Contributed talks VIII

Contributed talks IX

Mini Simposya Application of probabilistic model in approximation of analytic  functions” II

15.40 Pedas A., Spline Collocation for Volterra Integral Equations with Singularities

15.40 Boal N., Gaspar F.J., Lisbona F.J., Vabishchevich P.N., Stabilized Finite Difference methods for the Fully Dinamic Biot's Problem

15.40 Macaitiene R. Approximation of Analytic Functions by Zeta-functions of New Forms and Periodic Hurwitz Zeta Functions

16.00 Kangro I., Kangro R., Optimal Superconvergence Rate for Solving Weakly Singular Fredholm Integral Equations

16.00 Gaspar F.J., Boal N. A.,  Finite Difference Analysis for Some Coupled Poromechanics Problems

16.00 Račkauskiene S.,Šiaučiunas D., Joint Universality for Zeta-functions of CUSP Forms and Periodic Hurwitz Zeta-functions

16.20 Kangro U., Convergence of Collocation Method with Delta Functions for Integral Equations of First Kind

16.20 Rodrigo C., Gaspar F.J., Lisbona F.J., Design of Geometric Multigrid Methods for Quadratic FEM Discretizations on Semi-structured Grids

16.20 Rašyte J., Discrete Universality of the Riemann Zeta-function

16.40 Latt K., The Finite Part of Divergent Integrals with Logarithmic Factors

16.40 Jodra P., Computing the Asymptotic Expansion of the Median of the Erlang Distribution

16.40 Rimkevičiene A., Joint Value-distribution of Periodic Hurwitz Zeta-function



Contributed talks X

17.00 Kalina M., Integral-like T- and S-evaluators

17.00 Kempa W., On Departure Counting Process in the Batch Arrival Queueing System with N-policy and Multiple Vacations

17.00 Roszak R., Stankewiecz W., Morzynski M., Fluid Structure Interaction Computations for LANN Wing Base on Nonlinear  Properties of Structure

17.20 Asmuss S., Budkina N., Breidaks J., On Smoothing Problems under Additional Restrictions 

17.20 Šeletski A., Strong Summability in Certain Families of Summability Methods for Functions

17.20 Rychlik M., Stankewiecz W., Morzynski M., Thermal Faceprint and 3D Geometric Features of Hand for Biometric Identity Verification

17.40 Rihan F., Efficient Numerical Techniques for Stiff Delay Differential Models in Biosciences

17.40 Eglite I., Koliskins A. The Effect of Flow Curvature on Linear and Weakly Nonlinear Instability of Shallow Mixing Layers

17.40 Stankiewicz W., Roszak R,, Morzynski M., Coupling Between Fluid and Structure Models in Reduced Order Aeroelastic System

18.00 Ašeris V., Baronas R., Kulys J., Computational Modelling of Biosensors Utilizing  Parallel Substrates Conversion

18.00. Kolishkina V., Volodko I. Analytical Solutions of Eddy Current Problems in Cylindrical Coordinates

18.00 Onoue Y., Fujino S.,  Reduction of Communication Time for Sparse Matrix-vector Multiplication

18.20 Baronas R., Ledas Z., Simkus R., Computational Modelling of the Bacterial Self-Organization in a Circular Container 18.20 Iltiņa M., Iltiņš I., Determination of Thermal Conductivity Coefficient by Using Temperature Field Projection in a Series Along Boundary Condition Deravitives

18.20 Suboč O., Matiejauskas D., Algorithms for Decomposition of Simple Polygons with Holes

19.30 - 22.00 Conference dinner

Saturday, May 28th, morning

Plenary talks
9.00 – 9.40 Strautiņš U. Modelling, Numerics and Analysis of Fiber Suspension Flows
9.40 – 10.20 Perfilieva I., Novak V. Higher Degree Fuzzy Transforms and Applications
10.20 - 10.30 Closing discussion
10.30 - 10.50 Coffee break

Section I  Hall „Sigulda”

Section II   Hall „Krimulda”

Section III   Hall „Turaida”

Contributed talks XI

Contributed talks XII

Contributed talks XIII

10.50 Pazar Varol B., Šostaks A., Augun H., Soft Neighborhood Sets

10.50 Annunziato A., An Optimal Control of Probability Density Function of One-Dimensional Stochastic Processes

10.50 Gritsans A., Sadyrbaev F., Solvability of Boundary Value Problems with Asymmetric Principal Parts

11.10 Uljane I., Šostaks A., On the Category of L-Valued Bornological Spaces

11.10 Dzemyda G., Pragarauskaite J., Markov Models in the Analysis of Frequent Patern Sequences

11.10 Yermachenko I., Sadyrbaev F., On the Fourth Order Differential Equation Occurring in the Theory of Travelling Waves

11.30 Grigorenko O. Involving Fuzzy Orders for Multi-Objective Linear Programming

11.30 Teneng D., Time Changes in Asset Price Modeling

11.30 Atslega S., Sadyrbaev F., On Periodic Solutions of Lienard Type Equations

11.50 Orlovs P., Montvid O., An Aggregation Approach for Solving Bilevel Linear Programming Problems

11.50 Riisma T.,  Optimization the Structure of Multi-level Selection Procedure

11.50 Duka V., Bula I., Liepiņa I., Molecular Modelling as Discrete Dynamical System

  Mini Simposya Mathematical Modelling in Finance  

12.10 Vavilčenkova I., On Some Modifications of Fuzzy Transforms

12.10 - 12.50 Carkovs J., Stochastic Exponent in Mathematical Finance

12.10 Aņisimova A., Bula I., Some Problems of Quadratic Rational Difference Equations

12.30 Ruza V., Asmuss A., An Analysis of Approximation on an L-fuzzy Set Based on L-fuzzy Valued Integral

12.30 Avotiņa M., Bula I., Some Problems of Second-Order Rational Difference Equations

12.50 Elkins A., Šostaks A., On Lattices of L-rough Sets Generated by L-relations

12.50 Šadurskis K.,  On Price Equilibrium of Stochastic Market

12.50 Dobkevich M. Non-monotone Convergence Schemes

13.10 Dance D., On Concepts of the Solution for Matrix Games with Fuzzy Payoffs 13.10 Buikis M., On Market Price Cycle Bifurcation 13.10 Lapidus D. On some Differential Equations from Applications
13.30 - 14.20 Lunch break
Saturday, May 28th, afternoon

Section I  Hall „Sigulda”

Section II   Hall „Krimulda”

Section III   Hall „Turaida”

Contributed talks XIV

Mini Simposya Mathematical Modelling in Finance

Mini Simposya „Modelling in Mathematical Statistics”


14.20 Pavlenko O., Diffusion Approximation for Cumulative Access Return with Compound Poisson Volatility Process

14.20 Valeinis J., Recent Trends in Robust Statistics


14.40 Matvejevs A., Fjodorovs J., Copula Based Semiparametric Regressive Model

14.40 Petere G., Modelling Tail Dependence of Multivariate Skew t-Distribution


15.00 Buss G., A Band Pass Filter for Real-Time Signal Extraction

15.00 Vucāne S., Valeinis J., Bartlett Correction for the Empirical Likelihood Method for the Two-sample Mean Problem


15.20 Arshinova T., Frontier Data Analysis Techniques and Their Applications

15.20 Dinuls R., Lorencs A., Performance Comparison and Improvement of Methods for Tree Spaces Classification in Multispectral Images

15.40 Bezrucko A., ARMA Fitting to Latvian GDP

15.40 Vēliņa M., Valeinis J., Huber Smooth M-estimator


16.00 Cielēns J., Valeinis J., Bootstrap Methods for Structural Relationship Models


16.20 Vaselāns A. , Valeinis J., Resampling Methods in the Frequency Domain


16.40 Pahirko L., Valeinis J., Plug-in Empirical Likelihood Method


17.00 Jefimovs A., Siņenko N., Forecasting Latvian Residential Property Prices Using  Structural Time Series Models


17.20 Ločmelis A., Valeinis J., Bickel-Rosenblatt Test



17.40 Dasmane I., Valeinis J., Estimation of Long Memory Parameter and its Confidence Intervals

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