16th International Conference on

Mathematical Modelling

and Analysis

May 25-28, 2011, Sigulda, Latvia


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The European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry (ECMI)

University of Latvia

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of University of Latvia

Daugavpils University, Latvia

Riga Technical University, Latvia

Latvian Mathematical Society


The Conference focuses on various aspects of mathematical modelling and usage of finite difference and finite element methods for numerical solution of modern problems in science and engineering. It aims, in particular, at fostering cooperation among practitioners and theoreticians in this field. Another very important goal of the MMA meetings is to assist in the creation and maintenance of contacts between scientists from the West and the East. Working language of the Conference is English.

Basic Topics

  • Analysis of numerical methods for solving problems of mathematical physics. 
  • Application of numerical methods to industrial and engineering problems. 
  • Parallel algorithms and parallel computing. 
  • Qualitative analysis and applications of ordinary and partial differential equations and difference equations problems. 
  • Scientific computing. 
  • Financial mathematics and mathematics in economics.
  • Mathematical modelling and analysis on the basis of fuzzy sets

The scientific program includes invited plenary talks (40 min) and contributed talks (20 min). We also invite participants to organize mini-symposia. The format for a mini-symposium might be a principal lecture and a number of communications of 15-20 minutes given by the other speakers. The mini-symposia will be scheduled in parallel sessions.

International Scientific Committee

A.Buikis (Latvia - Chairman; e-mail: buikis@latnet.lv),

J.Cepitis (Latvia), R.Ciegis (Lithuania), F.Gaspar (Spain), O.Iliev (Germany), F.Ivanauskas (Lithuania), J.Janno (Estonia), P.Matus (Belarus), W.Okrasinski (Poland), A.Pedas (Estonia), M.Radziunas (Germany), U.Raitums (Latvia), A.Reinfelds (Latvia), S.Rogosin (Belarus),  F.Sadyrbajev (Latvia), M.Sapagovas (Lithuania), G.Shishkin (Russia), V.Trofimov (Russia), P.Vabishchevich (Russia), G.Vainikko (Estonia), R.Wyrzykowski (Poland), A.Zemitis (Germany).

Preliminary List of Plenary Talks

M.Barsky (Israel), A.Cebers (Latvia), R.Ciegis (Lithuania), A.Churbanov (Russia), D.Funaro (Italia), Z.Jackiewicz (USA), A.Laurincikas (Lithuania), R.Melnik (Canada), V.Novak and I.Perfilieva (Czech Republic), M.Sapagovas (Lithuania), U.Strautins (Latvia), P.Vabishchevich (Russia), G.Vainikko (Estonia).

Abstracts and Proceedings

Authors are requested to send an abstract (1 page) before March 30, 2011 by e-mail: aijal@lanet.lv. Instructions and a style file for the preparation of the abstracts are available at http://mma2011.lu.lv.

Conference Materials

Selected papers of the Conference will be published in Vol.17 of "Mathematical Modelling and Analysis" (The Baltic Journal on Mathematical Applications, Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations), http://www.vgtu.lt/mma/. All papers will be peer-reviewed. 


The registration fee is 140 EUR (100 LVL). It covers conference organization expenses, Book of Abstracts, 4 lunches, a welcome party, the conference dinner, coffee breaks and an excursion.
The fee for accompanying persons is 90 EUR (65 LVL). It includes 4 lunches, a welcome party, the conference dinner and an excursion.
The registration fee can be paid at the arrival in cash at the registration desk.

The registration fee can be paid also by bank transfer before May 1, 2011 to (all bank charges should be paid by the remitter):

Receiver: Latvian Mathematical Society
Address: Raina boulevard  29, Riga  LV1050, Latvia
Registration No.: 40008000704
Bank: AS SEB Banka, Agenskalna filiale
Bank address: Ed.Smilga Street 46, Riga LV 1002, Latvia
Account holder: LMB (Latvijas Matematikas biedriba)
IBAN: LV24UNLA0050015150267 (for EUR)
  LV90UNLA0050015150243 (for LVL)
Reason for payment (necessary information): MMA2011, name of participant

Please inform us about your payment by e-mail to aijal@lanet.lv

Questions regarding the payment of the registration fee should be addressed to the e-mail: aijal@lanet.lv

For currency exchange rates see the web-site http://www.bank.lv/en/monetary-policy/exchange-rate-policy/exchange-rates   of the Bank of Latvia.

Conference Venue

The Conference will take place at the Conference centre of hotel Sigulda http://www.hotelsigulda.lv, located Pils str. 6, Sigulda. We plan to begin the Conference at 14.00 on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 after the lunch which will be served from 13.00.  The closing of the conference is scheduled at 15.00 on Saturday, May 28, 2011.

The Conference centre and hotel are situated 0.1 km from the bus station Sigulda and 0.3 km from the railway station Sigulda.

Bus and train schedules departing from Riga bus station or railway station will be announced in the conference web page http://mma2011.lu.lv,  the price of a one-way ticket is 2 - 3 EUR.


Conference participants are offered to stay at the hotel Sigulda, which has been reserved only for the participants of MMA during May 25 - 28. The prices: single room 40 EUR per night, double room 48 EUR per night, room with additional third bed 66 EUR per night, breakfast included in all cases.  Please contact directly with this hotel by e-mail hotelsigulda@latnet.lv  (because the usual booking system is blocked for the duration of the conference) and inform the organizers by e-mail aijal@lanet.lv before May 10, 2011 if you intend to stay at this hotel.

The following hotels are situated very close to the Conference centre:

Hotel Pils, Sigulda, Pils str. 4, http://www.hotelpils.lv, info@hotelpils.lv

Hotel Melnais Kakis, Sigulda, Pils str. 8, http://www.cathouse.lv/, cathouse@inbox.lv

Other accommodation places in Sigulda are listed in the web page 


Please do not hesitate to contact us in order to solve the accommodation problems.


In order to timely prepare an invitation for your visa application we ask you to send the following information before April 1, 2011 to the e-mail aijal@lanet.lv:

1. Period of stay in Latvia (arrival and departure dates).
2. Legible scanned copy of passport (a page with the personal data).
3. Place of birth (city, country).
4. Home address (in the language of your country and Latin letters).
5. Affiliation (without abbreviations) with address, position.
6. Address of the Latvian diplomatic mission where you plan to apply for visa.

For information concerning Latvian entry regulation please visit


Correspondence addresses

A.Buikis, J.Cepitis or A.Reinfelds

Latvian Mathematical Society (MMA 2011), Raina bulv., 29, Riga, Latvia, LV-1459.

Tel. (+371) 29432795 (A.Buikis), (+371) 29395705 (J.Cepitis), (+371) 29144961 (A.Reinfelds) 

E-mail: aijal@lanet.lv


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